Best Case Trimmer 2017 Reviews and Buyer Guides

It is difficult to choose a case trimmer by Finding the best case trimmer online. It can surely keep the ammunition costs down especially for those love to reuse their cases. There are target shooters who picks up their fired bullets and just work on trimming it for their next firing session.

This is a good practice and practical but some find it tasking unless you got a great case trimmer.

Before choosing a case trimmer, you have to consider a few factors like the numbers of cases you trim, your budget for a case trimmer and other tasks that you might be doing in the future that can be handled by your case trimmer.

Top 5 Best Case Trimmer in 2017

  • Hornady 50140 Camlock Case Trimmer
  • Lyman Universal Trimmer with 9 Pilot Multi-Pack
  • RCBS Trim Pro Power Trim Kit 120
  • Lyman Accutrimmer With 9 Pilot Multi Pack

World First case trrimmer Mounted this on my 18v cordless drill and it works great. Cuts fast and smooth. Way faster and easier on the hands than the Lyman hand trimmer I was using, albeit more expensive.

Someone on one of the reloading forums suggested cutting the bottom and top off a 20oz plastic coke bottle such that it fits over the drill and the tip of the trimmer so the shavings don’t fly everywhere. I’ve done this, and it works great. No more flying shavings!

The trimmer can be a little tricky to precisely set trim depth if you don’t already have a case that is exactly the length you want. The router bit is not threaded and you must use two set screws to adjust depth.

Once you have a master case though, it’s pretty much blow and go. Minor gripe, and not one that detracts from the value or usefulness of the tool.

Hornady 50140 Camlock Case Trimmer:

Best case trimmerI started ramping up my reloading recently and was getting worn out on hand trimming and wanted a faster method. I replaced the crank handle with a washer and hex nut and use a cheap Black and Decker electric screwdriver with nut driver. Makes trimming much faster and less stress on the wrists. So far I’ve trimmed about 2000 rifle brass without a hiccup. Trim length is very constant, I’ll measure a random case about every 20 or so and they measure identically. Like with any trimmer you will need to de-burr the inside and outside of the case mouth, they will have sharp burrs and depending on how much trimming was needed they could be substantial.

Lyman Universal Trimmer with 9 Pilot Multi-Pack:

The cutter blade is a simple screw in unit, should be easy to replace when the time comes. To set your trim length, you move a collar to about the right length, and then a second collar threads into the first for fine tuning. Its a smart design, and very intuitive. One included Allen wrench covers all the set screw adjustments you’ll make for setting case length.

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The base of this thing is pretty heavy, die cast metal. If you’re going to trim a ton of brass, you’ll prolly want to mount it somehow, You can pretty easily hold it in place for smaller batches though.

RCBS Trim Pro Power Trim Kit 120:

RCBS has been a known name in the ammunition industry. This brand is also known for its reloading equipment for both rifles and pistols. RCBS also supplies reloading kit and other accessories for different firearms hence if you are looking for the best case trimmer, checking one from RCBS is the best option you can take. One of the case trimmers that RCBS can offer is their Trim Pro Power Trim Kit, a kit crafted with precision. Once set up, this trimming kit can do all the efficient work of trimming your cases.

Reusing brass case is a practice that most shooters do and with RCBS Trim Pro Power Trim Kit, they can continue to do so without sacrificing the quality of their bullets or the experience they are getting whenever they fire their guns. This best case trimmer kit from RCBS comes with set of common mandrels, shell holders (#10, #3, and #16) and a power module.

Lyman Accutrimmer With 9 Pilot Multi Pack:

Lyman Accutrimmer With 9 Pilot Multi PackLyman is one popular brand when it comes to precision tools like their best case trimmer – the Accutrimmer with 9 Pilot Multi Pack. This trimmer has a price tag of a little over $50 . What I love about this trimmer is that it can trim different cartridges from caliber .17 to .458 Win Mag. This case trimmer works with the help of standard shell holders to position cartridge before trimming it.

This was my first adventure into case trimming and I didn’t want to spend a great deal of money. I was very pleased with the performance of this unit. Other reviews mentioned that it did not have case holders which caused me some concern but the case holders I use in my press worked just fine. I would highly recommend this trimmer for those on a budget.

Case Trimming Is Important:
Physics dictate that sooner or later you will have to trim your brass. The pressure from each load fired will eventually stretch brass beyond its maximum length and have to be cut back down in order to ensure a safe, functional load. The most common case trimmers simply use common shell holders as used in reloading. You’ll likely have these already for rounds you are reloading so this simplifies matters from the start.

All case trimmers are adjustable so that you can cut the brass to a desired length. They will use different pilots to cut and chamfer the proper neck size, and you probably will need several if you reload for more than one caliber. Most case trimmers have a manual crank. Simply adjust for length, insert the brass, and crank away. While efficient, it is also slow and irritating if you have to trim a lot of brass. However, powered adapters and even powered case trimmers are available.

Most Important part of case trimmer:
The most important part of choosing the case trimmer is determining your needs. If you don’t reload for more than one or two rounds, and only process a handful of cases, something as basic as the Lee Quick Trim may do the job, but is not at all suitable for processing large volumes of cases or for multiple rounds. On the flip side, if you process high volumes of rifle cases, the Franford Arsenal case trim and prep system is the way to go, but it won’t process handgun rounds.

For all around universal work, I’d run with a Lyman trimmer and consider adding a power upgrade to it in order to speed up the processing time. The Lyman will process pretty much anything outside of .50 BMG or probably some other obscure round that three people in the world shoot, which means for nearly all purposes they are ideal. If you run a Hornady press, the most logical thing to do would be to buy a Hornady case trimmer and get a power adapter for it.

At long last the most critical thing that you ought to watch out from the sort of trimmer that you will purchase is, whether it is fitting your needs. On the off chance that you ordinarily don’t reload for more than maybe a couple rounds, and just process a modest bunch of cases, something as essential as Lyman Power Adapter for Lyman Trimmer will be the best case trimmer for you. You are presently allowed to picked the one that legitimately fit your needs. Alongside acquiring a quality case trimmer since reloading is a basically unsafe side interest you ought to put resources into at least one of our suggested reloading books.

Our Opinion:
Selecting the best case trimmer for the money doesn’t need to be hard, it is simply a matter of matching your budget with your needs and your existing equipment. Making the right investment now will save you money, time, and hassle further down the road. The cost for this equipment is low, and there is no real reason to skimp on price, particularly since reloading will save you so much money in the long run. No matter if you run with a simple trimmer, or a electric powered whiz bang do it all unit, you’ll get maximum use out of your brass and ensure optimal accuracy out of your guns. You can Find all product on

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