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Microphones is very important to us, because we use it in many cause like microphones for live streaming, gaming, vocal, or make some quality YouTube videos. If you looking a best gaming microphone it is not easy to choose. You should start by seen different types of microphones available in the market. To choose a best microphone for gaming you can read some microphones review. There is many categorize mic available that can make you confusion. There is stereo mode microphones which can help you to uses right and left channels to capture sound, and cardioid patterns which are very impressive when you record sound in front of a microphone.

We know that microphone has many different features. When you use a microphone for gaming or there is no need a studio-level microphone. Audio quality is very important for any quality mic, but you have to focus more things like how ease use, setup system, and price. All microphones are not perfect for everyone. You have to choose a best microphone by knowing what you need. We find some microphones which is best for gaming and streaming. Today we are writing about top 5 best microphones for streaming and gaming. We hope it will help you to find the best mic for you.
How to Choose Best Microphone for You

Budget: Budget is very important to find a best microphone for you. You have to plan to choose a best mic for gaming in your budget. If you looking for a best quality microphone in market you have to paid higher. But we collected some best streaming microphone under 100. You can read our reviews and choose a good microphone for you.
Additional accessories: There are many Additional accessories you get with a microphone. But all of additional accessories are not actual important for you. Some of accessories are very important to you for your work. Always remember some of extra things can make you comfortable to use it properly. For gaming or live streaming there is some addition accessories is really important, so you have to notice it that are you getting this accessories or not.
Connectivity: You have to see the connectivity of microphone is easy or not. There is some way to connect your microphone to whatever you want. You have to choose which one is easy for you. We keep mind it and reviewed some easy connectivity best microphones below.

8 Best Microphone for Streaming and Gaming

  • Yeti USB Microphone
  • Blue Snowball Ice
  • Audio Technica ATR2500
  • Blue Microphones Yeti Pro
  • Audio Technica ATR3350
  • Zalman Zm-Mic1
  • Razer Seiren Pro Elite
  • Antlion Audio ModMic Attachable Boom Microphone’

Yeti USB Microphone:

Blue Yeti USB microphone is the best gaming microphone from few years. It is giving great build quality best streaming microphone within budget. It amazing looking and excellent features make it number one microphone in the market. Yeti microphones are available in different modes like Stereo, Cardioid, Omni-directional, and Bidirectional. So, it will be a great choose for user because they can use everything in one microphone. The sound record quality is very clean like studio sound. Blue Yeti gives you the full control to setup and use it. One of the best features of this microphone is they gives mute, gain, and zero latency output buttons that’s why you can easily make immediately adjustments.

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For a gamer or streamer it will be best choose and it can make them comfortable and full enjoy the great peace of it. This microphone is I am currently using and strongly recommend user to buy it to use all features in one microphone.

Our second best streaming microphone is Blue Snowball Ice. It is one of the best microphones within budget, it is the best microphone for streaming or gaming under 50 dollar. The microphone comes with a shielded USB to Mini USB plug and a tripod those threads into the base of the microphone. It is a low budget mic but its build quality is great and it looks is also amazing. The sound quality is just awesome for the money. And it is very easy to use, No drivers needed you just simply plug it in and it’s ready to use.

Overall of this microphone is good for its price. You will get some good features in best price. There are little cons of this streaming microphone. You know that will not find all features and accessories in this price. But for its price it gives the best service to user. The budget friendly best mic for streaming is strongly recommended from us.

Audio Technica ATR2500: 

Our next best mic for gaming is from Audio Technica. Audio Technica Atr2500 is a popular and good streaming in the market. ATR2500 is known for a a USB condenser microphone. It is one of the best condenser mic by Audio Technica. This is a plastic tripod with shock mount supported microphone and it is best budget friendly microphone too. It is very comfortable to use and its sound quality is just like pro studio sound quality. It has some good features like its great sound quality, it is Shock mount supported, and it has Small desk footprint, In-line audio monitoring and included tripod. There is few cons of this streaming earphone is its tripod tends to fall over easily and Mini-USB to USB cable of this mic might be too short for most setups.

Overall of this microphone is it is very good condenser mic. It gives best quality sound for it budget and a very comfortable best gaming microphone. We strongly recommended this best microphone to users who need a best condenser mic.

Blue Microphones Yeti Pro: 

Blue microphone Yeti pro is another best gaming mic from Blue microphone. It is the best streaming microphone for me and it is my favorite gaming mic. This microphone is not top in our list because of it price. It is a expensive mic in our list. This best gaming microphone is little smaller like the 1st Blue one. Yeti pro captures four recording patterns like the Blue Yeti. Build quality of this microphone is just excellent. Its eye catching look is also attractive for user. Sound quality of this mic is just like studio mic. It has 15 Hz – 22 kHz frequency response. You will find all good accessories with this best streaming microphone.

It has three custom condenser capsules and four different polar patterns like first blue one, these are Cardioid, Stereo, Bidirectional and Omnidirectional. And it is able to 15 Hz – 22 kHz frequency response, which is really awesome. Overall of this streaming microphone is just excellent. It has all type of features you need must. But their only cons of this mic that it is a high budget microphone. If you looking from best microphone with high quality features and price is does not matter than it will be your best choose. You need a microphone in your everyday life than you can spend little bit more and buy it for you. If price is does not matter we strongly recommend this best gaming microphone for you.

Audio Technica ATR3350: 

Our next best mic for streaming is also form Audio Technica, and this mic model is ATR3350. These two microphones from Audio Technica are totally different from each other and not similar. Atr3350 has few pros that is not available in last one and have also some cons which is not available in last microphone. The batter thing of this gaming microphone is it is a budget friendly and its price s less than last Audio Technica microphone.

Audio quality of this microphone is really great. It comes with some good accessories and it build quality is also good. And it gives a lengthy cable to make user comfortable. It has also few cons like it has battery indicator present. And another con is it is battery powered only. You looking for microphone from Audio Technica in best budget than it is for you.

Zalman Zm-Mic1: 

Our last best microphone for gaming is Zalman Zm Mic1. The price of this microphone is very low. But its sound is enough good and decent. This is very affordable microphone with long cable. It is a best as a PC microphone. Design of this gaming microphone is also good. It has 3 Mini Clips for tidy arrangement and no frills. But for its cheap price it has few cons too. It has only clips onto cables No shirt clip and highly sensitive capsule. And it thin cable is not a good thing for user.

Overall of this microphone is it is a very cheapest microphone. You will get some good features but for it price they don’t offer many features like our other listed microphones. Price of this mic is less than 10 dollar. That is really impressive. Our suggestion is if have not money not and looking for best microphone for few days than you can choose it. It not a good choose if you want a best streaming for long service. This best streaming microphone is good for short-term service.

Razer Seiren Pro Elite XLR and USB Digital Microphone:

Our next best microphone for gaming is Razer Seiren pro Ellite. It is the condenser USB microphone and one of the best microphones for gaming. Build quality of this microphone is excellent and expensive. It premium look of this mic is more attractive. It has 4 different recording pattern configuration and these are Cardioid, Stereo, Omni, Bi-directional. Weight of this best gaming mic is comfortable and it has a A/D convert too. It has a high quality recording ability like studio sound. This mic is easy setup plug system and easy recording. Razer Seiren mic comes with a headphone amplifier built-in and it is fit with any 3.5mm headphones. And it has Zero latency output if you plugged directly into the microphone.

Overall of this best gaming microphone is good. It can be your only cons that it is expensive microphone. But this best streaming microphone is less than 200 dollar. If budget is does not matter you can try this best streaming mic. We told it before that if you need a microphone for you daily life or regular activities than you should choose a good one and price is not matter. Microphone is important for your regular life it will be a good choose for you.

Antlion Audio Mod Mic Attachable Boom Microphone:

Our last best gaming microphone is Antlion Audio ModMic. It is an Attachable boom microphone and it has Noise Cancelling system with Mute Switch. This best mic is a budget friendly mic in our list. It has 3.5mm jack that help you to easily and quickly plug-in and play game. Build quality and all system of this microphone are good. It is very excellent for user comfortable. Adjustable boom features is a very impressive of this best gaming microphone and it gives you use its performance perfectly. It is very well performance in noisy place. You can play a multiples game with it perfectly and comfort. This gaming microphone response ability is 100 Hz-10 kHz and it comes with many accessories.

Overall of this best mic for gaming is good. It is last one in our best gaming microphone list but it is not a bad choose for user. It has good built quality, well sound many accessories and price is also good less than 70 dollars. We recommend this best gaming mic for user.

What are you looking for like a cheap and budget friendly gaming microphone or a best streaming microphone with many accessories by giving some extra bucks it depend on you. And which one is best for you that depend what features you looking for. So, we tried to included all various type of microphone that can confirm you best choose is here. We hope it will be helpful for you all to find a best microphone for gaming or streaming.

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